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Moth Sabut
Moth Sabut

Moth Sabut/Dal Manufacturer & Suppliers in India, Moth Sabut/Dal Distributors, Wholesalers & Traders in India. Moth Dal seed can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable and can also be processed as dals to preserve them for a long time. And later can be prepared in sprouts and also be cooked as any other dal or beans.
In India, green pods are eaten as a vegetable, and the tiny seeds are eaten whole or split.
Traditionally in India, The seeds are fried to make them into a crunchy snacks
Moth Bean seeds are a good and potential reservoir of Proteins and other essential minerals and vitamins.
Mothbean is one of the major protein food source. It is rich in protein (23.6 g), calcium (202 mg) in it can make it an excellent supplement to cereal diet.Moth Bean is a cheap source of nutrients and forms a specific and perfect diet.

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