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Moong Dhuli
Moong Dhuli

Moong Dhuli Dal Manufacturer & Suppliers in India, Moong Dhuli Dal Distributors, Wholesalers & Traders in India. Moong Dal in India refers to moong beans that have been skinned and split, so that they are flat, yellow, and quick-cooking. They are relatively easy to digest.
They can be made into moong bean paste by de-hulling, cooking, and pulverizing the beans to the consistency of a dry paste. The paste is sweetened and is similar in texture to red bean paste though the smell is slightly more bean-like. In several Asian countries, de-hulled moong beans and moong bean paste are made into popular dessert and sweets items. In India, moong dal is very commonly used in a variety of dishes ranging from dal, khichdi and halwa.

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