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Moong Dhuli Dal Manufacturer & Suppliers in Delhi, Moong Dhuli Dal Distributors, Wholesalers & Traders in Delhi. Moong Dal in Delhi Refers To Moong Beans That Have Been Skinned And Split, So That They Are Flat, Yellow, And Quick-Cooking. They Are Relatively Easy To Digest.
They Can Be Made Into Moong Bean Paste By De-Hulling, Cooking, And Pulverizing The Beans To The Consistency Of A Dry Paste. The Paste Is Sweetened And Is Similar In Texture To Red Bean Paste Though The Smell Is Slightly More Bean-Like. In Several Asian Countries, De-Hulled Moong Beans And Moong Bean Paste Are Made Into Popular Dessert And Sweets Items. in Delhi, Moong Dal Is Very Commonly Used In A Variety Of Dishes Ranging From Dal, Khichdi And Halwa.
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